If you would like to be considered as a potential Investigator for a clinical trial managed by AmberCRO, please fill the application form below. Your information will be stored in AmberCRO database and used by AmberCRO specialists for identification of potential Investigators for clinical trials only if you will provide your consent for personal data processing by AmberCRO below.

AmberCRO has implemented measures for information security in its integrated management system.

It is important that all data filled about you is be accurate and legible.

If you will have any questions regarding application you may contact us via e-mail: investigator@amber-cro.com and AmberCRO personnel will reply to you in 24 hours. If you have any questions on data protection measures at AmberCRO, please contact us via email: dataprotection@amber-cro.com.

Fill out registration form

  1. I agree and will not raise any objections that AmberCRO Ltd. collects, maintains, uses, stores and deletes my personal data, for the purpose of use of the information to form part of internal database, which can be used to identify Investigators to become involved in clinical trials managed and overseen by AmberCRO in its operational countries.
  2. I confirm that I have personally provided my personal data to AmberCRO Ltd.
  3. I am informed that I can request information about the usage of my personal data by AmberCRO Ltd., request the updating and deletion of my personal data (according to applicable regulatory requirements) and that I have the right to obtain my personal data that is in possession of AmberCRO Ltd.
  4. I am also informed that I am entitled to withdraw my consent given here at any time by contacting AmberCRO Ltd. at – dataprotection@amber-cro.com.